Bostonian Men’s Kinnon Cap-Toe Derby

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Category : Shoes
  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Classic dress cap toe with a durable low profile TPR rubber sole
  • Flexible sole with superior durability and traction
  • Highly polished upper leather for easy maintenance
  • Ortholite foot bed for enduring underfoot comfort
  • Breathable leather upper combined with breathable linings for cool comfort

11 reviews for Bostonian Men’s Kinnon Cap-Toe Derby

  1. Amerz

    Inexpensive great looking shoe. Looks just like the picture And can’t wait to break these in. Probably not a daily driver type shoe but looks great for special occasions and date night.

  2. SC

    Seam splitting at toe, only worn a dozen times at most since I only wear for occasional business travel. Pretty disappointed since I had a similar pair a dozen years ago that lasted a long time. Either I got a shoddy shoe or the quality isn’t what it used to be.

  3. Eric Burcham

    Not like my last pair of Bostonians, which were 11.5. These are much larger and wider (same size). However, the sole is less slippery, and they are not as crazy stiff/firm as my last pair (absolutely DESTROYED my feet breaking them in). Probably not worth the $90 I paid, but not bad for the daily wear and tear they’re going to get, especially walking to lunch outside on pavement (particularly on rainy days).

    My last pair made it about 9 months before resoling, and then another 6 after that. These LOOK a bit more sturdy, at least. We’ll see.

  4. GoBucks!

    I have bought Johnston & Murphys for the past three years. I knew they were overpriced but I thought at least I was getting quality. After several pairs I kept getting a hole in the middle of the bottom of the shoe after a half years use. Getting sick of having to replace these twice a year I took a gamble at the Bostonians. Wow! I have never looked back. These Bostonians are 1/3 of the price, look just as shiny and great in the office, have rubber on the bottom of the shoes where I would always get holes, and the comfort is ridiculous. I would have to wear my J&M’s for a week before I broke them in, and then they were still just ok. These Bostonians made me feel like I was walking on air day one and they look like $200+ shoes. Thanks Bostonian!!!

  5. J.Hart

    Shoes look fantastic!! Great shine and professional quality, the width is slightly wider than I needed but will work. A EE would have been better than a EEEE ..but they didn’t have it. I would buy again no hesitation.

  6. Brandon Newport

    These are the best dress shoes I have ever worn. I walk miles everyday for my job through many of the nations city streets, airports, bus terminals etc and absolutely love these! The soles never wear down even though I have an out step (over pronation) which usually causes my shoes to wear on the outer side of the sole. They are light, agile, classy, and look fantastic! They are so very comfortable. My only issue with these shoes is that they untie regularly. I’m constantly having to tie them. For the price of Bostonians, these shoes are perfect! Super high quality.

  7. dmbTank

    I have been a long time wearer of Bostonian; now as I replace my shoes I discover cheaper less craftsmanship and more machine made parts. My original Pair of these shoes I still have 15 years later and are serviceable with sole/heel replacements as needed..

    Times have changed, environmentally FULL leather processing is costly, these newer Bostonian shoes differ greatly from the originals. Now basically machined made. In summary, less quality = you buy more shoes more often = more profits for Bostonian Shoes.
    Bostonian is headed to the bottom line mentality (how cheap can we make shoes) and will find the ultimate reward as JUST ANOTHER shoe maker. Once a premium hand crafted shoe, now no better than any other foreign made CHEAP shoe.
    Sizes vary, making selection PAINFUL if you know what I mean.
    Sorry for my harsh words but I have three pairs of the “Real Bostonian” hand crafted shoes, now with these; what a joke as compared.

  8. AMA Gloucester

    I have worn Bostonians before and the sizing is the same–a pretty true fit. I guess I didn’t read the description carefully as, probably to keep costs down, these have half rubber heels and a rubber inset in the sole, rather the full leather soles on previous Bostonians–I guess it keeps the cost down, and probably will wear as well or better than full leather soles.

  9. CBTraveler

    It is always hard buying shoes online, but since I had used Bostonians for some time, I was comfortable taking a shot in the dark. The finish is great – very shiny wax coating that doesn’t need to be buffed regularly. The only complaint would be that as a new shoe it is very stiff and there is little give for getting your foot in the hole, but I know this will give after a while. It is extremely comfortable and overall a great Bostonian product.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Good looking, good quality

  11. Phil & Christine

    keeps a nice shine. comfortable

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