Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirts Non Iron Slim Fit Solid

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Category : Clothing
  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Non-Iron Fabric: Resists wrinkles to keep you looking crisp all day; easy care, no ironing necessary
  • Slim Fit: Modern fit with a tapered body and slimmer sleeves for a sleek look that flatters most body shapes
  • Point Collar: Classic collar thought to lengthen the face & allows for tie knot variety; can be worn with or without neckwear. Adjustable Cuff: Two button positions allow for a more customized, improved fit. No Pocket: Sleek, streamlined design offers a cleaner appearance.

8 reviews for Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirts Non Iron Slim Fit Solid

  1. Rob

    I got this shirt and I really like a lot about it but the material itself is very thing. The first time I put this shirt in the dryer both of the extra buttons sewn to the bottom of the shirt came off. This was not a big issue for me since I tuck in my shirts at work. However, the second time I put this shirt in the dryer one of the main buttons came off. After only two washes?? What I noticed was that all the buttons that came off actually ripped through the shirt material, the thread meant to hold the button to the shirt was still intact. Definitely a disappointment, I will probably not buy this product again.

    I depend on other consumers for their truthful and detailed experience so I don’t have to go into trouble of having a product that is not adequate. So as always, if you found this review helpful, click and vote YES so, that others will know! It makes me happy to know, that I have helped somebody on their decision based on my review. Thank you and have a great day.

  2. Issa Abu Mariam

    This shirt is amazing I wear it to work and I have a couple of commnts about how great it is. I wear it normally on suits . and on some dark jeans it would fit great

    Material is good it is a little bit lite and shiny (I bought the white colore). But actually it is hard to find a light non iron material to wear on summer . good choice for formal more than casual . would buy again for sure

  3. DC

    I don’t know what the other reviewer is saying about it being shiny it’s not shiny at all. It’s not dull either but I wouldn’t call it shiny. Also about it not being slim fit it is slim fit maybe you got a size bigger than you are it fits me perfectly. If you get the proper size it should fit to your body perfectly maybe you don’t know your actual size. I don’t know about a tie not working but I did use it with a bow tie and had no problems at all. In case anyone is wondering I got it in black, carbon, and white.

    Like the other reviewer said if you do plan on getting the white color version of this shirt you might want to wear some sort of undershirt because your nipples will be visible had no problem with the black and carbon color with this situation. The fabric is a bit thin but I don’t see that as a negative in most dress up shirts the fabric is usually thin. The only thing I wish is that they had a more variety of colors.

  4. J. Hance

    This shirt fit true to size for me. I prefer the slim fit so there isn’t as much material when it is tucked in, and this shirt was exactly what I wanted. The material doesn’t breathe well at all, but looks very nice and the color matches the pictures perfectly. Overall I’m satisfied, but wish it wasn’t quite so hot to wear compared to similar shirts I own.

  5. Osama A.

    it runs big so if you are in between sizes for example 15.5 and 16 then get the 15.5. The color and material are nice although it is a little bit thin but suitable and better for summer and hot days. however the sleeves are longer than average I got the 34-35 sleeve which is what we usually have here I guess but the sleeves are definitely longer than desired, It would fit better if we got the shorter sleeves fit. Might update my review after washing and ironing it we just received it yesterday.

    Update: ordered another 2 different colors but had the 23-33 sleeve which fitted much better.

  6. W. Fisher

    I have other CK non-iron slim fit dress shirts, that I purchased from Costco. I like them. This shirt, however I love. The fabric is different for sure- it’s so comfortable. I was so relaxed at work today, wearing it for the first time. I am strongly considering ordering a second one in black, and perhaps the other colors as well. Others have reviewed that it is not a true slim fit. That perhaps is true, but a non factor for me. I am a small to medium build, and I like the fit. Very happy with this purchase.

  7. VK

    The delivery was prompt. I got it even before the promised delivery date.
    Why two stars: The shirt didn’t fit right at all. To add context let me first tell you that I am 5’9″ and weigh 78 kgs and wear 32″ trousers. The description of this product mentioned that it’s a slim fit shirt .I ordered a 16.5 shirt and the shirt had a perfect fit on my shoulders. Even if I could gain 20 KG’s of excess fat it would be difficult for the shirt to fit me. By no means I’m thin and the shoulders had a perfect fit, so i didn’t ordered an oversize shirt.
    Material: The description mentions that it’s hundred percent cotton. I strongly disagree just by looking at the texture you can know that this is not hundred percent cotton and you will feel quite hot if you wear it in a normal weather.

  8. dominic ruffin

    This is by far one of the best dress shirts that I have ever purchased. I typically find it challenging to purchase quality shirts that are made of 100% cotton, even from high end stores such as Gorgio Armani. Accordingly with this shirt, you can feel the quality immediately after you put it on. The slim fit is amazing and will have you looking at other shirts and wondering why other clothing manufacturers find it difficult to produce garments of this quality. I am 5″11 and 185 lbs and fit into the shirt fairly comfortably. It’s form fitting and looks great. This serves as shirt to wear with a suit and tie in terms of dress/office attire as well as a shirt that goes great with boot cut jeans and zip up dress boots like the Stacy Adams Men’s Manford Boots.

    Definitely an outfit for a night out on the town. As stated in the heading, I have purchased 6 of three shirts so far and they are amazing. Take it from someone who is conscious about what he wears and what he spends his money on, I would not purchase 1, let alone 6 shirts from ANYWHERE without it being of the highest quality. Well worth the money, best shirt I have ever purchased. My only concern is that Calvin Klein does not produce these with a back pleat….by the way, this are also near impossible to find anyways.

    MY RATING: 9.9
    The shirt loses a point in my book due to the loose threading that comes out after you initially open the shirt but other than that, it’s amazing.

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