Hatch FM2000 Friskmaster All-Leather, Cut-Resistant Police Duty Glove – Black

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  • 100% Other Fibers
  • Imported
  • The FM2000 is a premium leather duty glove that features a full Honeywell Spectra inner-liner for enhanced cut-resistance
  • Premium goat leather construction
  • Hatch Ergo-Cut floating thumb offers great dexterity
  • Short, elasticized cuff for easy on/off
  • FM2000 (ITEM# 1011051) X-Small

10 reviews for Hatch FM2000 Friskmaster All-Leather, Cut-Resistant Police Duty Glove – Black

  1. David

    Good fit.
    Third pair I have had in 5 years. Had to destroy the other ones but never wore through a pair.

  2. Ricky K

    I am an Law Enforcement Officer working inside a Jail, and needed a pair of “Pat-Down Gloves”. These are not the gloves I would recommend for that purpose. The liner is very high quality but of a heavier material than I expected. The liner seems like it would hold up to cuts or any other “weird” things I might come in contact with. The Gloves themselves are very warm but do not cause my hands to sweat. The stitching in my pair seems to be very well done and i do not notice any other issues common in other reviews.

    It may be due to selecting the incorrect size but all of the finger tips seems to be oddly pointed when wearing them. I also cannot feel details well through these gloves. These gloves would be great for a Police Officer or Deputy conducting a search in the field but I would not recommend them for pat downs inside where you are looking for smaller concealed items, within clothing.

  3. 453C

    I finally replaced my 8 year old pair of Friskmaster Kevlar lined gloves (Model RFK300) after the lining began to tear between the thumb and index finger. I expected this to happen eventually, since I sized them small to allow them to stretch to fit, which I believe is important. If a glove is to be used for patrol work, it needs to fit tightly to allow a good feel through the glove for body searches, weapons operation, and getting a positive grip on a suspect. I’m able to type, unlock handcuffs, and write with the gloves on. I’ve seen co-workers wear out pair after pair of thinner gloves while my Friskmaster gloves lasted for years. I decided to try the Spectra model (FM2000) for the addition of a cuff that isn’t on the Kevlar model. I think the cuff is an improvement, as it makes it easier to put them on quickly.

    Some of the complaints about this glove may be a result of sizing them too large, or an unrealistic expectation of how thin a glove can be made while providing cut resistance. I haven’t seen a thinner cut resistant glove (Kevlar & Spectra models are of similar thickness), and my old pair were effective at protecting my hands from broken glass and sharp metal many times. Another problem may be due to confusion between the models of Friskmaster gloves. The Dyneema model (SB8500) with full cuffs is a much thicker glove, and I wear a pair of those in the winter. I don’t perform full body searches with that glove because I think they’re too thick to provide a good feel for that job. It probably offers more protection, but I find it impractically thick for some tasks.

    Whichever model you order, they should last a long time, so make sure you get the right size. Gloves are difficult to size properly without trying them on, so I’d suggest asking a co-worker to let you try on theirs if you can. These gloves will stretch a little to fit, but if they don’t seem right when yours are delivered, exchange them for the correct size.

    Both the Kevlar & Spectra gloves are small enough to fit in a side cargo pocket or a rear pocket, so they’re always with me. The leather and stitching is of a very high quality on all three models I own. Even my old pair has no stitching failure, or areas where the leather has worn all the way through. Highly recommended for patrol work, or even as high quality dress gloves for general use.

  4. Bosko

    I would give these gloves a better rating if not for the misleading size info. The quality seemed great. And had the original pair been the right size, they’d be perfect. However, I read the reviews. And many of them said to make sure and check the size chart. BS! For one, there are two differant charts that give two differant results based on measurements. Go with the size that you’d normally wear and you should be fine. I ordered a xl, and returned them for a XXL. I will update this review when I get the right size.

  5. Alex

    I’ve been buying Hatch gloves for several years now and while these are nice, the leather seems a bit cheaper than previous pairs I’ve purchased. Also, they now come with weird little leather tags attached to the inside of the gloves to tie them to the card they come on. That said, great fit, comfortable and good looking gloves. Well worth the price.

  6. G love

    Excellent protection, these have flawlessly protected my hands from everything from broken crack pipes to razor blades while still giving the dexterity to operate all of my equipment and the sensitivity to frisk. I was pursuing a subject on foot when he scaled a fence, I put one gloved hand on the top rail to swing my body over the fence and immediately felt a searing pain in my palm. As it turns out there was a sizable nail point sticking up out of the rail. If I hadn’t have been wearing these gloves I would have received a puncture wound for sure. Thanks to the hatch friskmasters I only received an admittedly painful bruise and avoided a tetanus shot.
    10/5 would recommend.

  7. Rick

    My old pair wore out – great gloves and lasted 10 years or so – the tag which was still legible had the size and model number etc…bought exactly same glove but sizing has changed in 10 years it seems and needed to return and purchase one size up. Return was easy. Purchased the larger glove and awaiting its arrival.

    Will submit a review once the new (larger) pair arrive.

  8. Gerard Amerongen

    Gloves are not as pictured on the site. On the site, they show as in inseam construction and what appears to be cowhide or something other than goatskin. The gloves I received are stitched differently. I would not have bought them had I known they were constructed this way.

  9. Susan Link

    Very well made. Fits as expected. Good quality. Leather is soft and easy to flex.
    The only complaint I might have. Is that sometimes the lining, which is Spectra. Comes out of the gloves fingers. When your removing them.
    This is the third pair of these gloves I’ve purchased. All of them had the same problem. All that’s needed, is a little bit of sewing. At the finger tips, and into the leather of the gloves.
    I work corrections, they have saved my hands from being cut up. More times than I can say. Doing searches in cells. You never know what you’ll run into.
    Razor blades, sharp pieces of metal, needles. These gloves have saved me from hundreds of stitches from being hurt.
    I would highly recommend them for anyone in Law Enforcement.
    I also think they would work well gardening. Protecting from thorns and other sharp objects

  10. Shayne Johnson

    Two of the fingers on one glove had the spectra lining sewed to itself. I had to pull it out and cut threads to make it work. Even then it took a VERY long time to get the fabric stretched enough to go back into the finger pockets all the way. I wouldn’t buy these again.

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