King Formal Wear Elegant Men’s Black Two Button Three Piece Suit

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Category : Jackets & Coats
  • 100% Wool
  • Imported
  • Button closure
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Italian Design Super 150s
  • Black Two Button Three Piece Notch Lapel Suit
  • Side Vents Jacket, Flat Front Pants
  • Six Button Vest with Adjustable back
  • High Quality Fabric Wool Touch

5 reviews for King Formal Wear Elegant Men’s Black Two Button Three Piece Suit

  1. Donald J. Lanouette, Jr.

    Suit fits perfect! I have always been a 38 regular and this is perfect just as sized. The vest is a hair, and i mean a hair, to big, but it may just be the way im looking at it. Not even worth having it tailored its that minor. The pants were perfect fit in the waist. I am a Professional Chauffeur and several coworkers have commented that they would have guessed 4 to 5 times what i actually paid for this suit. Im going to be purchasing another one as a backup and so i can alternate wearing days when i am very busy. I would recommemd this suit set and say that it should be ordered in whatever size you normally wear for a sport coat and pants. Mine was spot on for the size and the quality is excellent. Clearly a well made and crafted suit with ample pockets and excellent color. Only complaint, and it is for all suits nowadays, i hate that they sew the pockets shut! Why even bother giving me pockets if your gonna sew them shut on me! But thats every major manufacturer out there. They all do it now. No idea why. Hope this review helps i am completely satisfied and I purchased a second suit to add to my wardrobe. King Formal Wear is great the second suit came without a garment bag. I called King Formal Wear and they immediately shipped me a garment bag and apologized apparently Amazon didn’t pack it as they were supposed to. My original suit from May of 2018 still looks and wears great and now this second one will make things easier for me with dry cleaning and always having a suit ready to go for work. Great fit, buy and value.

  2. Athornh

    For starters, this is a “Wool Feel” suit, not 100% wool. Though the description says Super 150s, it is not a wool. Apparently, synthetic suits can be given the same designations as wool suits. The suit is actually 65% Rayon Viscose (technical name for Rayon – synthetic) and 35% (DuPont trade name for polyester used for sailcloth – synthetic). That said, the description should be adjusted to be truthful. I personally own 8 – 100% Wool suits. This suit is lighter than those, but the “Wool Feel” label does hold up to some degree. It does have a fairly real “wool” feel and is not “shiny” like a 100% polyester suit. The jacket is sized right, but the pants are not quite “jacket size minus 6”. It is more like 7″ to 8″ less than the jacket size. The vest is a good addition and fits fine. All in All, it is what you should expect for a suit at or under $100. It is a decent/good suit above department store quality, but no where near the quality Joseph A Banks, Men’s Warehouse, ect. However if you can afford better (say 100% wool or 100% worsted wool, even in Super 110’s range) you will be better for the investment.

  3. Jeremy denton

    Overall for $100 suit this wasn’t bad. The pants could have been a little more accurate. The jacket fit really well and so did the vest.

    I did have to have the pants length and waist altered. But that was to be expected. I also had to have the sleeves on the jacket shortened a bit.

    if you purchase this jacket plan on spending a few dollars to have it altered. But overall it was a good deal for the money

    I’ve seen others say that The jacket pocket on the breast is not functional. It is simply sewn shut. Going in with a small knife or pair of scissors makes that pocket functional. However the pockets on the sides of the jacket are not functional

  4. Aubrie Hopkins

    Very upset however it fit nice, it was obviously returned by someone else…. had cat hair and dust spots on it, I need it for Sunday and its missing the vest, and the hanger was broken…… very upset.

    Edit 1 July 9th
    I finally found a contract for them and am attempting to get this fixed as my wedding is in three days and the best man needs this. With the missing vest I have to try and buy one….. I also am out the dry cleaning money because I’m allergic to cats…. I’m going to keep updating….

    Edit 2 July 11th
    They finally got in contact with me, they said there was no way it should be dirty because it was straight from Amazon, however the white cat hair and dirty spots say a lot so im out the dry cleaning money…. they offered yolo send me a new vest or $20…. which sucks because it’s going to cost a lot mor than that for their mistake however I won’t be able to get it in time if they send it.

    Side note: this is the second suit I’ve bought from them and this is the only one that was bad…. they are two different brands however which is strange and this one came missing the vest and dirty…. so it’s a 50/50 on my part….. however I didn’t buy a 3 piece suit to have to go buy a new vest….

  5. Wade

    I’ve recently released over 100 pounds and I needed a new suit for a business trip. I had a formal Gala and a fun Gastby themed party back to back. I searched many places and even considered a tuxedo from Groupon. I hit the jackpot with this one. I was very hesitant to order something online without trying it on because I have very broad shoulders and thicker arms but the price was definitely worth a shot. I made sure to take good measurements and compare to their sizing chart. I’m 5′ 11″ 215 pounds and went with the 42L, just slightly snug in the arms but otherwise almost looked tailored. Gatsby party I paired with a white shirt and bowtie. The Gala ceremony I went with a black shirt and black tie and I received many compliments both nights. Tons of pockets was also a plus. I will absolutly be back when I’m ready for a different style.

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