Premium Doyle – Teardrop Fedora Hat – 100% Wool Felt – Crushable for Travel – Water Resistant – Unisex

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  • Felt,Wool
  • Snap closure
  • Classic men’s fedora hat with a modern teardrop crown that allows the crown to follow the shape of the head more closely, resulting in a more contemporary and comfortable fit.
  • Sweat wicking internal sweatband. Easy Care: Hat can be surface cleaned with a clothes brush or clean damp cloth.
  • Water repellent, withstanding showers (but should not be worn in heavy rain as this may cause it to lose some of its distinctive shape).
  • Crushable for travel. Mid sized brim that is flattering to most head shapes. Snap brim can be worn up or down (or the classic up at the back, down at the front).
  • Handmade in Ecuador from 100% wool mid weight, felt in ethical conditions. Results in a breathable and natural finish. Brim – 5.5cm wide. Crown – 11cm tall.

13 reviews for Premium Doyle – Teardrop Fedora Hat – 100% Wool Felt – Crushable for Travel – Water Resistant – Unisex

  1. Anthony from Savannah

    High quality hat for the money. Fits my gigantic melon well, although the xl size was closer to a 7 3/4 than a 5/8. I just added a folded piece of packing paper to bring it down to where it fits perfectly. Spend the extra money and get this hat instead of the cheap stuff and you won’t be disappointed. Let’s move the hat wearing country back to a gentler age when a great fedora was the standard for men.

  2. S. Owens

    This classic Teardrop Fedora Hat looks like a $150 hat. It is a classic fedora that looks and feels vintage. The center crown is surrounded by a beautiful ribbon hat band. The brim can be worn up or down for two distinct looks. Both crushable and packable, this Fedora is an excellent choice for travel and can be easily stored

  3. LORD Mark Gill of Chaol Ghleann

    5 Star product as expected from Borges and Scott. Handmade in Ecuador (Best hatmakers in the world – search it on the Internet for yourself !). Premium Quality wool/felt – treated for anti-stain and water resistance, Excellent sweatband, Quality ribbon, Perfectly finish, Perfect cut hat. Feels good to wear. Perfect fit.
    Only about £12 more than the Fake, copied, Chinese Crap out there. Buy the real thing or pay a bit less and get rubbish…. the choice is yours. It only costs a bit extra to go 1st Class, always remember that or pay less and regret it.

  4. Amazon Customer

    This hat was ordered for a vintage-inspired wedding so I needed the groom to look classy but not too costume-y, and the Teardrop Fedora was nice enough for that. After shopping for lots of hats, I’ve noticed many are not shipped with care and can sometimes arrive bent or crushed. However, this one came in a separate box within an Amazon box (rather than just a flimsy plastic bag) as well as a cardboard divider inside with protective foam circle. A+ packaging

    We got the dark gray which looks true to the photo in color although better in person; a lovely, rich gray that leans towards a charcoal. As for the fedora itself, it’s soft, fairly comfortable, and seems well made. Borges & Scott? More like Gorgeous & Hot! It’s rather flattering and would make a great addition to a gentleman’s closet. Really makes you look dapper and polished.

    Unfortunately, looks aside, the fit was just not quite right. It’s a little bit too big. Moreover, the brim is a tad too wide (just over 2″), and the crown in particular is too high (little over 4″) for my taste. That’s more a matter of preference though and nothing against the hat itself. If you like the style and it works for your size/shape, I would still recommend it. I really wish this exact color shade would be available in other styles because the hat would otherwise be perfect for us.

  5. Demuxus

    Fantastic fedora/trilby hybrid (more fedora then trilby) . Very sturdy and holds shape well. Thicker material but not chunky to make the brim too stiff. Arrived well packaged in box with brown paper filler to secure hat inside to avoid damage during transit. Brim is a good size, I have a rounder face and the brim makes my face look thinner. Saying that the pinch could be steamed to give more pinch to suit a thinner face. The hat band is quality and attached well, the bow is well formed. All around the brim snaps down well with good firmness. I snap the front of my hats and the brim snaps with a slight down curve which is flattering. The transition between the up snap and the down snap can be adjusted by shaping with the fingers.. The transition will stay in pace…. The brim is folded under and stitched with a good attention to detail. Great quality… I will be buying from this brand again, perhaps a Homberg…

  6. juanhabana

    Wanted to freshen up my wardrobe for the winter and purchased this beautiful blue fedora ! Hand made in Ecuador
    (as all the best are) 100% wool felt, looks fabulous, great fit, extremely helpful staff, perfectly packed and rapidly delivered, and at an amazingly reasonable price. Highly recommended.

  7. TheEditor

    This is a true snap-brim, needed no adjustment or shaping at all. Brim was properly shaped in the traditional fedora. The teardrop crown is excellently shaped and had a wide pinch point. The headband is excellent, the fit superb. The felt is excellent wool and even throughout. Easily brushes and keeps its shape. It says you can roll it but I never will. The ribbon is of excellent quality and well affixed. No flaws, excellent value for the price.

  8. TheJav

    Just got this cool hat. It just feels good, nice and warm on my head and although it’s not considered top quality, I love the look and feel. Soft enough and warm enough. We need to bring back the “gentlemen” apparel, not as a fashion but as every day wear. Today, if you wear what was every day dress for a gentlemen in the 40’s and 50’s, you’re considered dressed to the teeth! Denim was for the working man in the field. :/

  9. Artist

    Bought for my husband. We ordered the large as his military hat size was 7 & 3/8. This fedora is true to size and looks great. If you don’t know how to size a hat for yourself there’s a guide on fedora(dot)com. This fedora has the look of hats costing 3x the price, excellent quality. We are extremely happy with this purchase.

  10. Lisa W

    I bought this hat ahead of my vacation to Sri Lanka. I was looking for something with a blended vibe somewhere between Indiana Jones and Simon LeBon and this hat delivered. The hat held up extremely well during travel and was easy to reshape whenever it was “squished” in transit. It was cooler than expected in the heat I encountered and protected my face from direct sunlight. Not insignificant, it looked cool in vacation photos. A great purchase and a wonderful edition to my travel wardrobe (that would also look quite dapper, day-to-day, with the right wardrobe).

  11. Jon M.

    This is a quality, well-made hat, and an absolute steal for 50 bucks. The hat was just a bit larger than I expected, but that was easily dealt with using the included cork hat-size-reducing strips. It arrived in perfect shape, as well, since it came in a hat box inside the Amazon box.

    I doubt that I’ll be crushing and packing this hat, so no comment on that aspect, but the felt stiffness is just right. The hat holds its shape and the brim stays where I put it. I could go on, but I’ll end this review by saying that I like the hat sufficiently to warrant buying at least one more in a different color.

  12. Matthew Rosemier

    I ordered a Large, 60cm. I had measured my head for a different hat purchase so I knew it was a 59cm, but this hat only comes in graduations of 2cm, so I either had to take a chance and go with a cm to large or too small and hope it worked.

    I opted for the latter. I liked the hat a lot when it arrived, but it was too large. Too large to shrug it off, so I sent it back and ordered a Medium 58cm.

    it arrived shortly afterward, I am very happy with the hat. That’s me in the photo.

  13. Baz-lightyear

    Borges & Scott truly make high end hats and use the finest materials. I normally purchase a slightly larger in size hat and use a cork strip to adjust the size. My head measurement is a tad below 59cm. As there is no 59cm size ordered a 60cm. Looks better.
    This, unfortunately I had to return due to finding a slight defect/damage. I believe should have been checked by quality control and was in my opinion, a one off.
    However, I have reordered another B&S Fedora as I simply think they are one of the finest on the market.
    Highly recommend. You will not be disappointed.

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