Vortex Optics Impact Laser Rangefinders

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  • The Impact 1000 features an intuitive platform with angle compensation; perfect for bowhunters and range-day lovers. Range targets down to five yards out, with the ability to stretch out to 1,000 yards if need be.
  • The primary HCD mode displays an angle compensated distance that is ideal for the majority of hunters and shooters. An advanced LOS mode provides the option to calculate long distance, high angle shots with increased precision.
  • A scan feature gives continuous range readings to pan across a landscape or track a moving target. All modes can be set to read in yards or meters.
  • The diopter located on the eyepiece adjusts for differences in a user’s eyes. Added 6x magnification brings targets in for a closer look and more accurate ranging.
  • Fully multi-coated optics enhance light transmission in low light settings. Waterproof and shockproof performance keep you in the hunt no matter what the conditions.

13 reviews for Vortex Optics Impact Laser Rangefinders

  1. Amazon Customer

    I hunt with crossbow,black powder and rifle for deer. This range finder is crystal clear and accurate. Quality product and with 6x magnification i leave my binos in camp. I have ranged out to 330 yards only but would never go without it.

  2. Mireland62887

    This is the first rangefinder I’ve ever used that actually can range the distance it claims. Others from Bushnell, Halo, and more are often listed as “1000 yards”, but struggle to get more than half that. I can routinely hit things at 6 and 7 hundred yards with this, and I haven’t even started my first season with it. The more Vortex optics I use, the more I’ve become a believer.

  3. Amazon Customer

    We paid nearly $200 for a fake! This was a knock off. Steer clear!

  4. Josef Wagurak

    Bought this between last years early and late deer season. Day 1, missed a deer twice, that’s right missed the same deer twice! First time hunting archery season. Same day later that afternoon, missed a second deer. UGH!!!! So I did some research and it led me to this Vortex. Other similar priced models with similar specs only had a 1 year warranty and this baby has a lifetime (almost) no questions asked warranty. Plus it was on sale. Just playing around with it I managed to range a few high voltage power towers at 458yds (so holding steady is a must). The view is crystal clear too. What a real winner!!!!!! The default mode is set to angle range correction or whatever its called and it seems to work wonders. The only issue I noticed is, it may or may not work in fog (depending on a lot of factors). The good news is I did get a deer towards the middle of the late season, but the wind (30-40mph gusting to 50+) and driving rain/fog (almost horizontal) made it nearly impossible to use. In better weather it works wonders. Not sorry I bought it either.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Good size and easy to use. But I was using it beside a friend of mines, halo 450, that he payed 100 dollars for at Walmart. And it was ranging out to 300 yards and 400 yards and the vortex would not pick up that far. Although it says it will range a non reflective target out to 400 yards!

  6. Jonathan Steinmann

    There’s some hype around Vortex because of the warranty program, but I’m not impressed with the performance.

    1. The cross hairs were off center to the right so you have to tilt it to the left get it straight up and down. Seriously?

    2. I tried measure distances and would get different numbers. Not long distances, like 30 yards and get different readings by a yard every time. Seriously?

    3. Case it comes with isn’t enclosed to properly protect it. Really?

    4. Claims to be using angle compensation, but doesn’t provide any information about the angles or the distance it’s changing, so you’re just blindly taking the rangefinder at face value all the time. No one seriously about accuracy would like that.

    The only real positive I would say is the construction seems great for all weather, and the warranty sounds great. Everything else is average.

  7. Average Joe

    This is my first range finder, so take what I tell you with a grain of salt. I believe the ranging part of the device is accurate, but it’s difficult to get the cross hairs to pickup smaller to medium sized targets and objects, and it’s even more difficult to read the information it displays because it’s written in black lettering. Black lettering seems like a poor choice, orange would have been better, and maybe more expensive range finders have options like that. All that being said, I’d recommend you look for something better, but I don’t know much more beyond that.

  8. Kenneth Crabtree

    Took this deer hunting last week here in AZ in unit 37B. While I don’t have the steady hands of a surgeon, this thing seems pretty accurate. Glass is Clear, but not the greatest thing you’re ever going to look through. As a Vortex fanboy, I 100% recommend this, but if you’re a glass snob, go one step up and get the ranger series. All in all, it’s a perfect point and measure. Only thing I wish it has was an illuminated display, as dusk fell, I wanted the lit display. It’ll be my mule for all future hunts. All my glass is Vortex. Binos, scopes, rangefinders.

  9. Eric Verdon

    your host or person that answer the phone should be brought up to the standards on stuff i phoned your number does this come with battery and lanyard NO i was told i drive 50 klm to town one way 50 back bye battery and lanyard i get home it came WITH BATTERY AND LANDARD very poor service person

  10. JLC

    It was such a great Christmas morning my dad opening his “vortex range finder” only to pull out a 20$ pair of bushnell binoculars. Far from impressed. .y dad was so excited to see he got it only to see the wrong product in the box. Good job guys.

  11. Glen Pomeroy

    Seems like an excellent range finder with the exception that it can be hard to keep on target because of the magnification. To get accurate readings you may need to use a support to steady the range finder, especially at longer distances. Very clear and easily adjustable focus, easy to read with cross hair sights. Very light and compact.

  12. Mario

    Was excited to get it when it arrived my wife sent my picture and i noticed crack and when I asked her to take better picture she found another one on the other side it had cracks on both front sides.Done return right away.New one is coming tomorrow so we will see how it goes.At least they are fast on shipping new one.Got new one next day without cracks wuuuuhhhuuu. Work perfect ,fast, small and light for long hikes during Hunting and Bow Hunting.

  13. Norm Dourte

    Couldn’t get a yardage reading over 200 yards.

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