1080P 16MP Trail Camera, Hunting Camera with 120°Wide-Angle Motion Latest Sensor View 0.2s Trigger Time Trail Game Camera with 940nm No Glow and…

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  • Video Ultra High Resolution – resolution deliver stunning vibrant images and clear audible videos even during the dark night, with a built-in 2.4″ LCD color screen, it moves you closer to watch wildlife
  • IP66 Waterproof & Heavy-Duty – Use high-grade IP66 materials, extremely durable from seal to probe lens. protects your trail camera, ensure that can prevent rain-proof, drop-proof and dust-proof, and also ensure it could work in tough environments like tropical rain forest or desert
  • Amazing Faster 0.2s Trigger Speed – The trigger distance is up to 25m(80ft) day/20m(65ft)night. Once movements are detected, the lightning-fast trigger speed of less than 0.2s with 1 to 3 shots choice guarantees fast and accurate capture of each detected motion exposed to the field of this game trail camera hunting before shooting
  • 120°Wide Angle Lens & 48 PCS No Glow Infrared LEDs – Trail game camera is equipped with a 120° detecting range, which allows you to get an excellent broader view. 48 PCS no glow infrared LEDs, which makes it a stealthy unit that does not intrude into the natural habitat. It will record any animal movements you want with a wide-angle lens even on rainy days
  • Easy Install & Widely Used – Hunting with the gifted mounting strap, it is easy to install this trail camera hunting sturdy. You could apply the hunting camera to wildlife observation and hunting, home/property security, farm area surveillance, remote crop
Package Dimensions

9.02 x 5.28 x 3.43 inches

Item Weight

1.52 pounds


4 AA batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

July 23, 2020



7 reviews for 1080P 16MP Trail Camera, Hunting Camera with 120°Wide-Angle Motion Latest Sensor View 0.2s Trigger Time Trail Game Camera with 940nm No Glow and…

  1. Spencer Gray

    From the couple pictures this actually took, it seemed to work great but even after putting in brand new 8 AA batteries twice, the device drained the batteries and was not able to get even a full 24 hours of use out of the camera.

  2. Rosieposie1989

    I bought this trail cam so i could see how much and what type of wildlife was getting into my garden currently because i thought i had it pretty blockaded from animals. This camera works great i could clearly see where they were getting in. It was easy to view the footage and hang back up. I was worried it would eat thru batteries but it has not so that is amazing. I will be using this going forward as a hunting trail cam so i can see if there are any big bucks traveling thru my property. This could be used to watch your house if you were worried about your someone on your property it can be easily hidden. Overall very happy with my purchase and will probably be buying more in the future.

  3. bunnygal

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     *Update July 12. Seller continues to bully me to change my review. This seller will not stop harassing me and the camera was returned April 2.

    Have been buying night cams for 10+ years and this one disappoints. They don’t make them like they used to. We buy for the videos to watch wildlife in the backyard. The video function worked for a night or two but now does not work as even though the setting is at 20 seconds, the videos are just clips of 1-2 seconds. Have to return as this is defective.

  4. Amanda

    So far it is EXACTLY what I needed and didn’t break the bank. Easy to use once you read all the instructions. Takes a mini-SD card so be aware you will need a $2 mini SD adapter to put the SD card and view on your computer. Which I highly recommend. Pics can be viewed directly on trail cam also but the screen is small to see the great details of the animals. Takes great night time black and white photos and videos, and great daytime color pictures and videos. Can be adjusted to take either pics or video or both, and settings changed to take more or less photos/ videos to save batteries or SD card space as needed. These pics attached are on default picture quality, it can be sharpened if you want even more detailed pictures.
    We are NOT HUNTERS. We bought this as we are trying to catch a feral cat living in a neighborhood park to get her spayed. We have been putting the camera in different locations with food and water to see where she hangs out. Watching the other animals in the park come and look into the camera (skunks, possums) has been great entertainment, even if we haven’t caught our elusive female stray yet. This works very well.

  5. David Hall

    The Vikeri trail camera has a lot going for it, but mine creates tons of corrupt .JPG photos and .AVI video files. There’s a family of foxes living under my shed, so I bought this trail cam to capture the vixen and kits. After two days it appeared dead, so I bought a leading competitor’s camera (that has been working fine). The Vikeri was completely unusable and locked-up so I was planning on sending it back The SD card contained mostly corrupt files. I figured I should try formatting the mini SD card, however, and that got it working again. I kept getting corrupt files, even with fresh batteries, so I bought a 6V power supply to see if that would help. Nope, lots of unusable corrupt files. Then I tried the 32 GB Samsung micro SD card from my Nikon DSLR and still got lots of corrupt files. Then I tried another new card; more corrupt files. After reformatting the cards on a PC, I’m still getting corrupt files almost every night. A few nights I’ve gotten all good files, but most nights many or most files are corrupt. Sometimes the last third or two thirds are bad, sometimes the middle files are bad. The last two nights, the first 68 were bad, then files #69 and on were fine. (I usually get a bit over 100 files per camera each night (the baby kit foxes are running all around my back yard every night). While the leading competitor’s camera gets great stuff all night long, the Vikeri creates junk files more often than not. These files can’t be viewed in any player and recovery software can’t fix them.

    TLLDR: Even with a 6V power supply or fresh batteries and 3 different good micro SD cards, my Vikeri creates more corrupt files than usable files.

  6. The Nations

    So I built a new workshop on the far end of my property, ~1,000 feet away from the house, and well away from any wifi signal for a wifi camera. I thought this might work, as I was having some issues with break ins. I mounted the camera just outside the door to trip the motion sensor in case of another break in.

    And it worked! Would recommend

  7. Rock Dubois

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Works beyond expectations. High resolution both in snapshot and video.
    The only problem is the fact that it will record at night only for one night because the battery level at
    which it will record pictures and video is barely below a fresh battery. There is a connector for 6 volts
    external which is what I’ll be using. However I couldn’t find the reference for the connector. I tried what
    I have but none fits. I did order from Amazon a size in between and will see if it fits.
    Do I regret buying it? Certainly not it is a great performer.

    The connector I received is the closest I could find. It works but is too loose. I added some tape to hold it in place.
    First I tried with a variable power supply and the display shows a full battery at 6.0 volts. At 5.9 volts it shows close to half. This unrealistic as no dry cell will stay above 6 volts for any length of time as the camera takes 200mA. With the external 6 volts LiFe rechargeable battery it did record every event during the night.
    As I only record in my back yard it works for me but it won’t work to record at night in the wilderness as having an external battery is not practical. Overall I am still happy with my purchase. If the seller reads this review maybe they will provide the part number for the correct connector. This is the one I used form Amazon:

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