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  • ✅ 2021 Updated Exercise Bike- Equipped with 35lbs flywheel, Thickened triangular steel frame and whisper quiet Belt driven system, SOVNIA Stationary Bike enhances the stability and sturdy during your ride both in sitting and standing positions. SOVNIA Indoor Cycling Bike Support 330lbs Max easily boosts your heart rate, reduce body fatigue and relieve muscle soreness. Perfect workout bike for home, apartment and office.Turn the brake konb to left side to release the flywheel for the first ride.
  • ✅ Personalized Stationary Bike- Customize your cycle bike routine with adjustable resistance system. Challenge yourself and daily routine workout via different levels of intensity. Balanced flywheel offers a quiet and smooth ride. 2-way adjustable non-slip handlebar and 4-way seat for users. Extended Seat Post for inseam: 25″-38.6″. Wheels help to move the cycle bike easily. The cushioned and adjustable seat provides a comfortable ride experience for long time.
  • ✅ LCD Monitor & PAD Mount- The digital monitor clearly shows distance, speed, calories, time and odometer. Gift iPad holder/Phone holder allows you to watch class video or enjoy music. Adjust your exercise plans to burn fat/ lose weight/ enhance heart/ lung function/ flat belly with these scientific data. *****Match the pedal threads accroding to the pedal arm—Left side: Screw the pedal bolt in counter clockwise by hand for 3-5 circles, tighten by wrench; Right side in clockwise.
  • ✅ Safe & Convenient Indoor Bike- The non-slip steel cage-shaped pedals with adjustable straps fit well with different size of feet, offer full protection and avoid sliding forward. Press the resistance bar to stop the flywheel immediately. Replenish water in time with the water bottle holder. SOVNIA fitness bike is easy to assemble within 30 minutes with online instruction video.
  • ✅ Worry-Free Guarantee- One Stationary Bike for whole family, SOVNIA indoor bike is on the way. We provide two-year components replacement service and contact us with any of your concerns if you are not satisfied with your exercise bike as we always stand behind. All your concerns will be answered in time. Please feel free to contact us at your order ID detailed page.

12 reviews for Exercise Bike, SOVNIA Stationary Bikes, Fitness Bike with iPad Holder, LCD Monitor and Comfortable Seat Cushion, Whisper Quiet Indoor Cycling Bikes…

  1. Ty D.

    Nee year, new me! I know resolutions never work but this ones right in my living room so fingers crossed. The bike is very easy to assemble, ten minutes to unbox and organize then 15 minutes to assemble. The seat and handlebar adjusts easily so I (6’2″) can use it and then my 7 year old can take a spin (although it’s slightly too large for her, very slightly) tension adjusts simply and doesn’t make too much noise. I’d definitely recommend it as a simple not too expensive stationary bike.

  2. Alienwei

    First impressions…I couldnt believe how easy it was to assemble. It took maybe 30 minutes to assemble and no curse words were needed!You can adjust everything so it is extremely comfortable to ride. This bike is built like a tank so there is no wobble even on carpet and its very solid when you stand. I was considering buying a bike in the $300 range and that would have been a mistake. This is a much high quality bike. I was also pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to move with the wheels on the front. I highly recommend this bike. Im actually excited to do cardio now.

  3. Henry L

    As we know, during the time that’s I am writing this, there is a raging pandemic going on, all over the globe. And because of this, my father tends to stay inside more as an extra precaution. But I figured that since we can’t really go anywhere, we might as well buy an exercise machine for in-home use. I decided to go with a bike because treadmills are always very expensive and my father rode his bike a lot. I was a bit skeptical at first but according to my father, he said that this is “what he needed to get moving again.” He now uses it every morning and evening and has already lost 5 lbs! I decided test the machine myself and I was amazed at how smooth the peddling was. There is a wide range of options for the amount of incline you want on the bike. A great led screen to monitor how far you have traveled and an excellent placement of the cup holder. I haven’t seen my father this active in more than a year! I would say that this purchase has definitely made the year go off to a great start!

  4. Chris F

    I got this bike for over 4 weeks now and it is sitting in my WFH office. I’m not boojee on equipments, all I want just a bike with easy storage and help me exercise during this pandemic. Quite surprisingly, this budget-friendly bike serves my demands really well…
    It was easy to assemble everything, I probably got it done within 20mins. Nice part is that there is an extra for every screw. So in case you lose one, you can alway have a backup.
    Bike’s frame is very sturdy, and it didn’t give any flimsy feelings.
    The digital monitor provides real-time distance, speed, time, and estimated burned calories. It also records the last exercise details. I am biking with some exercise Apps, so I generally don’t pay much attentions to the monitor. The digital device holder is big enough for both iPhone or iPad, and they fit perfectly.
    The bike uses direct-contact brake system as its resistance, but I can barely hear any significant noise from its wool brake pad.
    I got two more family members using this bike frequently, and we kept it running about 3-4 hrs a day. So far we are really happy with this bike!

  5. Siuhing Yu

    We were in search of a lower cost option. After researching, we felt confident that we wanted it, this is good for us to stay at home and do cycle classes.

    There are several advantages for this bike:

    Compact and save space. While you exercise you can Watch TV or Ipad at the same time.

    The Seat: The seats are ergonomically designed, comfortable Cushion while you ride the bike.

    All of the components seem to be well designed and built. Bike assembly took about 20 minutes.

    The operation is very smooth. There aren’t any hick-ups, slips, bumps, etc. when pedaling. It goes from a very easy spin all the way to simulating climbing the steepest mountain. The unit is also sturdy when standing up and pedaling, whether it be for a sprint or just standing up to stretch the legs for a few seconds while pedaling.

    The bike price vs. its quality is good to have it.

  6. Amy

    My “cold weather ride“
    Lately I’ve been missing the nicer weather and being able to ride a couple hours a day. But, it is the time of year where my exercising has to go indoors. After carefully studying all my opinions, I chose the Yosuda. What a fantastic bike! I wish that I had known about this bike sooner, as I wouldn’t have to spend most of our midwestern riding weather working off what I couldn’t take off during the colder months.
    And, what a durable ride. I have designated my Yosuda, my “cold-weather ride”.
    From the beginning, this bike was for me: unbelievable price with FREE SHIPPING, very easy assembly, high-quality parts, and (most of all) a solid & comfortable ride.

  7. Chris P. Bacon

    I love cycling during the summer but with the gyms closed down I wasn’t able to cycle much throughout the winter. I bought this exercise bike to be able to continue staying active and cycle in my apartment and so far I’m extremely happy with it! It only took about 20 minutes to put together and the instructions were really easy to follow. I am trying to stick in a routine of using it at least once every day, even if it’s only for 15 minutes…every little bit helps! The tension knob makes it really easy to increase/decrease the difficulty/strength needed for pedaling, and I like that it comes with an extra pad if the original pad wears down. It runs pretty quiet and is pretty sturdy – there is a little bit of a wobble in the handlebars because of how the adjustable piece fits into the base, but aside from this it’s solid. The wheels make it easy to move around, though it is fairly heavy to lift (thankfully because of the wheels you don’t have to lift it completely). The electronic tracker that records things like time, distance, calories, etc. isn’t perfect, but it’s nice to have for an idea of your workout progress. Overall I’m extremely happy with this exercise bike and I’m very glad I bought it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to stay active inside – but make sure you have enough room for it because it is quite large once it’s assembled!

  8. Pat S (Brights Grove, Canada)

    I purchased this bike based on the favourable reviews it received. I was not disappointed as the bike was easy to assemble, very sturdy and whisper quiet – just like they advertise. I was also pleased to see that it adjusts quite easily as I am 5’2” and my husband is 6’2”. There are lots of spin cycle videos you can access on YouTube so this bike is a real bargain compared to a Peleton.

  9. Me2

    Due to COVID the gyms are closed and I am unable to go to spinning classes, so I was looking on Amazon for an affordable but good exercise bike.

    After searching for some affordable and compact exercise bike, I found this SOVNIA bike on Amazon.
    Arrived in one box, the assembly was easy didn’t take longer than 20 minutes and the bike was ready to go. Seems like a good quality built, sturdy and well made.
    Has almost everything what the more expensive bikes have, but it doesn’t bother me that doesn’t have the clips on the pedal or the computer doesn’t show the resistance/gear.
    I used it almost daily for the past two weeks and definitely is well-made and seems very durable.
    – easily adjustable resistance/tension (come also with an extra resistance pad);
    – soft but well built handles;
    – tablet holder – perfect to watch virtual spinning classes;
    – probably the best seats I ever used on a stationary bike;
    – I miss the gear in the bike computer (but definitely isn’t a deal breaker).

    Long story short, the cost of this exercise bike, ease of setup and quality makes it an excellent purchase. Thumbs up!

  10. Shawn ✅

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Got this stationary bike for our home gym setup as it is hard for us to visit gym anytime soon because of COVID restrictions in our area. Bike was easy to assemble, instructions provided in the kit are clear and precise. Little hand tool provided in the kit could be used for all of the assembly, no other tool was needed for us. Bike is of great quality, it is pretty stable at all speeds and brake settings. Height and position adjustments for seat and handle are good and are easy to change. Small height adjusters are provided at the base of the stationary bike incase the surface is uneven. Been having a nice home exercise on it these days, will recommend.

  11. Chris F.

    I’ve only ridden the bike once so far. I paid $260 for the bike and it’s solid at that price point. It’s smooth, quiet and easy to adjust the tension on the fly. The seat could be a little more comfortable. The handle bars shimmy a little no matter how much you tighten them and the seat will move side to side a little bit, but nothing that is a deal breaker. The display is very basic and there is no pulse reading which would have been nice, but overall it’s a well built and easy to assemble bike that I would recommend.
    If I encounter any problems, I will come back and update my review.

  12. Phoebe

    Easy assembly, I only took less than half hour, even I only read first few pages of the manual. (hint: the enclosed wrench is useful, it may work better than your own).
    The quality is pretty good, no chemical/peculiar smell.
    I ride a few days so far, it works better than I expected. I use it for half hour of exercise daily, moved it to the center of the garage when begin the exercise, moved it back to the corner when finished (my house is small, so the bike is placed in the garage). Hah, then I felt the most useful feature is those two small front wheels.

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